Free Reign

by Northsiders

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released January 30, 2015

Written by Northsiders & Ivan Palushek
Drums tracked by Ivan Palushek
Produced by Joe Scaletta at Word of Mouth Recordings
Album artwork done by Ant Turner of Lanturn Design



all rights reserved


Northsiders Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Skylines
They say to move on is to grow
But there’s still no place like home
I never thought I’d leave
I never thought I’d have to

I thought I’d make my peace
With this piece of the world
That always helped me believe
That this is all for something

I’ll hang my city’s skyline
On my arm
So wherever I go
I’ll always feel right at home

I’ll hang my city’s skyline
On my arm
So wherever I go
I’ll feel like I’m back in Chicago
Track Name: You're Gonna Die Clown
What’s right and what’s wrong
Must have gotten lost in translation
Sorry or not
I’m still contemplating where I stand
The me that I use to be
Would’ve simply faded into the scenery
But lately
The me that I see
Won’t even recognize me

Been led up
I'm fed up
Its you and me

You were a queen
I was a pawn in a game
That I could never win
But now the tables
Have turned hands
This is a warzone
Brace yourself for the drive home
This time next year
I’ll be all that you fear

Wasted days wasted lifetimes
Hearing you complain like its America’s pastime
But that time has flatlined
After being burned alive like a campsite

As I step outside your ignorance
And keep a peace of mind for just a little bit
I said my piece, so you can leave with it
Don’t trip, but if you do break your fucking neck

If all goes well
It was meant to all along
If all goes to hell
Stay strong and move on
Track Name: Nineteen
Been on the outside looking in
Building up walls to box you all in
Cause you can keep your hype, stereotypes
And lies you tell yourselves
Just to get by
Personally, I think it’s hard enough
Just being nineteen
Personally, I think it’s hard enough
Just being me

I don’t wanna belong
I just wanna be strong enough
To either sink or swim on my own
And I guess it’s safe to say
The latest trends
Weren't meant for me

Been battered and broken for so long
And though it’s a cliché
My friends are what kept me strong
I’ve been blinded by
Expectations and lies
Cause you what fail to realize
Is that
I’m only a kid
With hopes and dreams
That may never happen
(And I've learned to live with it)
Limited by the limitations of being human

Listen up, listen up
Maybe next time
You’ll smarten up
When I say you’re
Not worth my time
Maybe next time you’ll realize

It’s hard enough just being nineteen
Track Name: Legacy
This began all by chance
It always starts that way
Live for the finer things
No point in settling
Steadfast through every phase
Open-minded to change
The hardest part is keeping
5 egos in their place
This may be more than we bargained for
But this is what we strive towards

This is our legacy
For those who doubted me
I’m laughing in your faces
About how you’ve wasted
Your time
This is a piece of me
And I bet that’s hard to see
As you look down on me

It’s like night and day
The fact that we’re not
The same kids we were
When this started
It goes to show
The scars are worth
The songs that you’ll all know
Trust me you’ll all know

Your cheap tricks, your antics
Never impressed me in the least bit
Not even sorry to be the bearer of bad news
But you'll never see the world as I do

So alive, yet so alone
Waiting for change,
but we all know
Hidden in the fine print,
where all the lies live
Lies the truth
and who was behind it
Track Name: This is the End ft. Julio Calderon
What seems apparent from your harsh words
Is you hold the impression that I wouldn't fucking strike first
I would've gave you
The benefit of the doubt
Had you stopped running your mouth
Speaking on things
You had no knowledge about

This is the End
Think about what you want
Before it begins
Sit back and let it all sink in
The way we live, it’s always the weekend
So real, you wouldn't have to pretend
Light em up
burn away the loose ends

Tied in overtime
So let’s get to the bottom line
Despite what you had in mind
I’ll make, you’ll break, every time.
So let’s be real, I can tell you weren't meant for this

Call me the tightrope around all your high hopes.
Can’t go back, I’ve begun and won’t stop till I’m done.
I’m calling your bluff, with words fired like guns
Serving reality checks meant to either open your eyes
or shatter your fuckin chest

no need to second guess, you'll always be second best

let’s face it
I've been patient
Preparing myself
For this annihilation

Fucking pathetic
Another skeptic
Doomed to be
Where you stand
Is behind closed doors
As for me
I’m tearing thru the floorboards

Your minds a graveyard
For what’ left you scarred
Reflect your insecurities
And blame them all on me
I want to represent
Everything that you fear
at least for a moment
cause the end is here